Cyber Islamic Environments

South Wales Islamic Centre, Cardiff (photo: Gary R. Bunt)

Exploring Religious Authority

The Religious Authority collection released as part of the Digital British Islam project, focusing on a key driver within cyber-Islamic environments at many levels. Cyber-Islamic environments is an umbrella concept for diverse and evolving online internet media identified (or self-identified) as affiliated with Islam and Muslims. The collection intends to present snapshot iterations of key …

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Exploring British Muslim Charity Organisations

This introductory discussion relates to the Charities collection in the Digital British Islam web archive: Muslim charities have come to use the digital space extensively over the past couple of decades, particularly diversifying their use in recent years. In the early 2000s, the main Muslim charities had websites as place-holding portals with general project and contact …

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Three women taking a selfie

Exploring Women’s Organisations and Networks

Muslim women’s initiatives and organisations have an extensive and dynamic digital presence. In this Gender: Women collection, we have profiled a selection of these, and hope to add to them over the course of our project. The use of the digital space by Muslim women’s initiatives ranges widely. For some, it is a matter maintaining …

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HTML code on a monitor screen

Exploring National Movements and Organisations

The National Movements and Organisations collection represents one of the most dynamic and intense areas of online discourse, making it a pivotal point within the Digital British Islam archive. The project will be capturing multiple iterations of these critical sites to chart significant responses to specific issues and concerns for Muslim communities, as presented through …

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