DBI Web Archive: Religious Authority

Organisations in this category are mainly focused on aspects of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) including shariah and fatwas. It also includes organisations primarily involving religiously-trained Islamic scholars, imams and Muslim chaplains. This category links to the Digital British Islam project’s theme of religious authority. There’s an introductory article by Gary R. Bunt on the Religious Authority collection.

Examples of types of organisations in this category include shariah councils (which often intercede on issues related to Islamic marriage and divorce), websites providing fatwas via a question-and-answer style service, and collaborative/support organisations for scholars or chaplains.

N.B. Dar ul-Ulooms – religious seminaries which provide Islamic education for many of the imams/scholars in the UK – are not listed here although they fit under this theme. These will found in the forthcoming ‘Education’ collection. Other umbrella bodies for Muslim communities/groups will be found under National Movements and Networks.