Author name: Khadijah Elshayyal

Image by Ahmed Sabry from Pixabay

Exploring Ramadan 1445

This article can be read in conjunction with Digital British Islam’s Ramadan 1445 Collection. Ramadan is a month of worship but also a month of community, and in terms of religious and communal activity, it surpasses by far the rest of the year for Muslims in Britain and globally. And just as mosques and homes […]

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Exploring Political Dimensions

The Digital British Islam Political Organisations collection appears as part of the Digital British Islam project. This offers a taster of a range of different websites broadly categorised as political. The personal websites maintained by elected politicians generally follow a common model, often one adhering to a party’s template or guidelines. This type of website

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Exploring Mosques and Mosque Organisations

This Digital British Islam archive represents a compilation of selected Mosques and mosque organisations from across the UK’s geographical spread as well as ethnic, cultural, religious and social markers from within Britain’s diverse Muslim communities. The content within these websites can tell us something about their respective institutions and organisations. For larger mosques, websites act

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Exploring British Muslim Charity Organisations

This introductory discussion relates to the Charities collection in the Digital British Islam web archive: Muslim charities have come to use the digital space extensively over the past couple of decades, particularly diversifying their use in recent years. In the early 2000s, the main Muslim charities had websites as place-holding portals with general project and contact

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Three women taking a selfie

Exploring Women’s Organisations and Networks

Muslim women’s initiatives and organisations have an extensive and dynamic digital presence. In this Gender: Women collection, we have profiled a selection of these, and hope to add to them over the course of our project. The use of the digital space by Muslim women’s initiatives ranges widely. For some, it is a matter maintaining

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Reflections on DBI Focus Group Discussions

When we planned the Digital British Islam project, we were acutely aware of the challenges associated with studying and mapping the ever-expansive terrain of Muslim digital spaces. The digital world, more than ever before, is vast and varied, multi-layered and multi-faceted. It is embedded in our daily lives, but it is also said to offer

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