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This DBI Lifestyle collection profiles some of the most prominent British Muslim lifestyle websites currently operating online and includes two of the UK’s earliest halal meat verification services. The halal meat industry in the UK alone is worth nearly 5 billion pounds and is growing every year and the demand for halal food products has led to the rise of various agencies that identify products for Muslim consumers. In the digital space has an online representation of the two largest halal meat verification organisations in the Halal Food Authority – a product of the Muslim Parliament of the early 1990s and the Halal Monitoring Committee: Halal Food Certification. This regulator body also awards halal verification status to participating businesses in the UK. 

Halal Monitoring Committee screenshot

The Muslim lifestyle encompasses a wide range of choices, from modest clothing to digital Apps,  travel and tourism, and generic festivals such as The Muslim Lifestyle Expo – The World’s Leading Muslim Lifestyle Event and the London Muslim Shopping Festival. These events showcase businesses that offer halal goods and services, reflecting the diverse interests and needs of the Muslim community. There is also a growing array of electronic and physical tools and accessories that enable Muslims to incorporate their faith into everyday life, as well as books and courses that claim to enhance spirituality during the sacred month of Ramadan. 

There are also several Muslim life coaches and health and fitness trainers offering online programmes on how to lose weight and commercial fitness influencers who promote their brands through social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These lifestyle trends appeal to male and female Muslim Millennials, Gen Z, and older audiences and have mainstreamed these lifestyle choices for British Muslims.

This archive collection is a work in progress. We intend to expand our analysis and content tagging in due course, connecting different aspects of the project. We will make further inroads into collecting and drilling down on content as Digital British Islam progresses.