Religious Authority

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Exploring Ramadan 1445

This article can be read in conjunction with Digital British Islam’s Ramadan 1445 Collection. Ramadan is a month of worship but also a month of community, and in terms of religious and communal activity, it surpasses by far the rest of the year for Muslims in Britain and globally. And just as mosques and homes […]

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Exploring Finance and Business

The Digital British Islam Finance and Business collection explores the remarkable growth of Islamic financial and business products and services in the UK. The Muslim population, comprising a diverse and economically active demographic, has driven the demand for financial services aligned with Islamic principles. The desire for ethical and Shari’a-compliant financial solutions has created a

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Exploring Political Dimensions

The Digital British Islam Political Organisations collection appears as part of the Digital British Islam project. This offers a taster of a range of different websites broadly categorised as political. The personal websites maintained by elected politicians generally follow a common model, often one adhering to a party’s template or guidelines. This type of website

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Exploring Mosques and Mosque Organisations

This Digital British Islam archive represents a compilation of selected Mosques and mosque organisations from across the UK’s geographical spread as well as ethnic, cultural, religious and social markers from within Britain’s diverse Muslim communities. The content within these websites can tell us something about their respective institutions and organisations. For larger mosques, websites act

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Exploring Religious Authority

The Religious Authority collection released as part of the Digital British Islam project, focusing on a key driver within cyber-Islamic environments at many levels. Cyber-Islamic environments is an umbrella concept for diverse and evolving online internet media identified (or self-identified) as affiliated with Islam and Muslims. The collection intends to present snapshot iterations of key

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Exploring British Muslim Education Organisations

Education is a significant driver of development in Muslim communities in the UK and much of this activity is represented online. The Digital British Islam collection on Education seeks to take a snapshot of online educational institutions. The first British Muslim educational initiatives grew out of attempts by the first generation of communities who settled

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Exploring British Muslim Advocacy Organisations

The intention of this section of the Digital British Islam archive is to explore British Muslim organisations, which are increasingly visible as social actors. The growth of this sector is partly due to the work of various advocacy agencies that have emerged over a number of decades. Jørgen Nielsen has provided a useful typology of

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