Exploring Lifestyle

This DBI Lifestyle collection profiles some of the most prominent British Muslim lifestyle websites currently operating online and includes two of the UK’s earliest halal meat verification services. The halal meat industry in the UK alone is worth nearly 5 billion pounds and is growing every year and the demand for halal food products has led […]

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Exploring Sports and Culture

This DBI Sports and Culture Collection contains a sample of sites and platforms that serve and advocate for British Muslims in various artistic and sporting interests. It includes writing groups and awards, cultural festivals such as MACFEST – International Festival, Festival, Muslim, a rapidly expanding arts and cultural festival to showcase Muslim creatives and bridging communities created

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Image by Ahmed Sabry from Pixabay

Exploring Ramadan 1445

This article can be read in conjunction with Digital British Islam’s Ramadan 1445 Collection. Ramadan is a month of worship but also a month of community, and in terms of religious and communal activity, it surpasses by far the rest of the year for Muslims in Britain and globally. And just as mosques and homes

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Exploring Religious Authority

The Religious Authority collection released as part of the Digital British Islam project, focusing on a key driver within cyber-Islamic environments at many levels. Cyber-Islamic environments is an umbrella concept for diverse and evolving online internet media identified (or self-identified) as affiliated with Islam and Muslims. The collection intends to present snapshot iterations of key

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Benefits of the Diary Method for Online Muslim Research

Introduction In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, online Muslim communities have become vibrant spaces for connection, expression, and dialogue. These virtual platforms provide Muslims from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations with opportunities to share their beliefs, practices, and experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the Ummah. Understanding the dynamics and intricacies of

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Being a Insider/Outsider: Field Notes from a British Muslim Researcher

  The distinction between ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ has been a subject of longstanding debate within Religious Studies and especially within multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary studies of Islam and Muslims. This issue poses  questions such as -can outsiders truly understand and interpret the faith of the Other? Is it possible for  insiders  to maintain objectivity when studying and representing

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Archiving British Muslim Digital Spaces

It is often said colloquially that when something is posted online, it becomes permanent – a fixed record that is always there to be referred back to. This can be seen especially in cases where people’s social media posts – often posted in the naivety of youth – are dredged up years later and used

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